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ETiC 6

Welcome to ETiC 6! This issue focusses on the theme of intercultural communication, leading with two features from eminent authors: first an article by Jane Jackson, who has conducted a great deal of research into intercultural interactions at home and abroad; secondly an interview with David Livermore, author of a best-selling book on cultural intelligence.

The research section contains three articles on various aspects of intercultural communication within the classroom: the causes of silent behaviour, cultural influences on academic English writing, and teaching for intelligibility versus accuracy. The reflections section meanwhile encompasses the experience of international students studying in China and two articles on academic writing, the first on the issue of coherence and cohesion, the second about whether Chinese students demonstrate “indirectness”, as opposed to coherence and cohesion, in their writing. These are followed by ETiC’s usual mix of reviews, conferences and calls for papers.

Download: ETiC Issue 7 April 2016 (Complete PDF)