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Kirchner, R. (2013) The Results of A Vocabulary Levels Test: Version 1 Conducted with Foundation Year Chinese Students. English Teaching in China, 2, 1 - 5.

Kirchner, 2013 (PDF)

Research into students’ level of receptive knowledge of vocabulary towards the end of their first year was conducted in the English Language Centre at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. The subjects were 70 XJTLU Year 1 Finance stream students, 49 female and 21 male, all L1 Mandarin Chinese speakers with just under one academic year of university English language instruction. Paul Nation’s monolingual A Vocabulary Levels Test: Version 1 was administered in two groups. Based on an analysis of the results, the average overall number of English words known by XJTLU students towards the end of Year 1 is 5,182 (5,079 in Group A and 5,285 in Group B). Taking into account other studies (Milton and Treffers-Daller, 2011; Hazenberg and Hulstijn, 1996; Nation, 2006), these findings suggest that more focus on vocabulary learning is required in the future.