English Teaching in China

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Jordan, E. & Crofts, S. (2012) ARS Clicker Technology: A Useful Tool for Language Teaching with Large Groups? English Teaching in China, 1,1 - 6.

Jordan & Crofts, 2012 (PDF)

This article reports on the trial of ARS (Audience Response System) clicker technology in language lectures at an English-medium international university in China. Seven lecturers used an ARS with a group of 258 students over a semester-long series of English language lectures. At the end of the course, questionnaire feedback was collected from both lecturers and students to discover: (i) whether they felt that this technology had enhanced learning in the lectures, and (ii) what problems they had experienced when using the ARS. The results suggested that both lecturers and students felt the ARS did enhance learning, by both increasing interest in the lecture materials and improving understanding of content. Problems reported were limited to the performance of the equipment used during the trial. These findings suggest that ARS technology may be a useful tool for language teaching with large student groups.