English Teaching in China

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Ives, M. (2013) The Attitude to and Practice of Grammar Teaching in EAP Courses . English Teaching in China, 2, 29 - 39.

Ives, 2013 (PDF)

The purpose and method of grammar teaching is often debated, although little research has focused on the role of grammar teaching in EAP courses. An investigation into teachers’ practice of and attitudes to grammar teaching in an EAP programme was undertaken at a Sino-British university in China. Unlike previous research, this study also included the attitudes of subject teachers as key stakeholders in the learning-teaching process. It appears that, although there are few references to grammar teaching in the course documents, the majority of EAP teachers try to build the teaching of this into their course. Weaknesses in grammar affect student performance not only in EAP classes, but also in subject classes. Subject teachers played a larger role than expected in supporting EAP teachers in the teaching of grammar. However, there remains an inconsistency in how grammar errors are penalised in subject-class assessments. It is recommended that a more consistent and formalised approach is taken to the teaching of grammar in EAP programmes.