English Teaching in China

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Hilmarsson-Dunn, A. & Touchstone, E.E. (2015) Non-Native Writer (NNW) English Texts versus Native Writer (NW) English Texts:Differences in Intelligibility among Chinese Students. English Teaching in China, 6, 21 - 26.

Hilmarsson-Dunn & Touchstone, 2015 (PDF)

With the increasing number of English learners in China, the question of which English they should be learning has begun to occupy the minds of many scholars as well as policy makers. The present study aims to ascertain whether a text written in NNW English for use in an executive education session is intelligible to its users and, hence, whether ‘China English?and / or English with English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) linguistic features can be used as a model for Chinese students in China rather than a Standard English model. The preliminary results of the study found that an authentic NNW text was as intelligible as a NW text.