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Davies, J. (2013) A Preliminary Investigation into the Major Concerns of Chinese Students Preparing to Study Abroad: A Practical Approach to Facilitating Student Transition. English Teaching in China, 2, 8 - 16.

Davies, 2013 (PDF)

This preliminary investigation proposes a simple and practical methodology that both identifies and addresses the major concerns of Chinese undergraduate students preparing to study abroad. The aim of the study is to highlight potential problems in order to facilitate the transition of students who study abroad. This method seeks to prepare international students for the major differences in academic expectations, lifestyle and culture.

The study focuses on Chinese undergraduate students preparing to complete their degrees at partner universities based in the UK, the US and Canada. However, the suggested methodology can be easily utilised for students of other nationalities. The primary data presented were collected by asking three student focus groups to complete a questionnaire: 1) Chinese undergraduate students preparing to study abroad, 2) Chinese undergraduate students currently studying abroad, 3) British and European undergraduate students based in the UK studying alongside Chinese students.

The findings were analysed, and common, significant concerns are highlighted and discussed herein. Ideally, the findings can be used to promote a dynamic and interactive learning platform that fully prepares students for their international education. By implementing this suggested methodology it is anticipated that student satisfaction would have the potential to be increased, which will in turn lead to a stronger future collaboration between the partner universities and an increase in future international student recruitment.