English Teaching in China

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Crofts, S. & Kaczor, A. (2012) Podcast in Process: Assessing the Success of a University Podcast as a Non-Compulsory Listening Resource. English Teaching in China, 1, 13 - 17.

Crofts & Kaczor, 2012 (PDF)

This article reviews the success of an English language podcast as a non-compulsory listening resource at the university level in China. Following a survey suggesting that authentic spoken English resources are beyond the capability of many students at this level, an English language ‘talk show’ podcast was created and released to students once a week for the 14 weeks of an academic semester. The podcast was hosted by three speakers who tailored the content and level of English to suit students’ ability and interests. To assess the popularity of the resource, weekly download numbers were examined alongside 46 emails from listeners. Although the podcast saw an overall decline in popularity over the semester, positive feedback from a number of students suggested that the tailored nature of this type of podcast has considerable potential to attract students to listen in their own time.